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We Do The Work. 

You Do The Swim.


Our Mission


To make pool openings on Long Island as easy as possible. Patriot Pools is dedicated to giving quality swimming pool service at an affordable price. Your pool season is about to begin and it should start on a great note. 


We want you to have an easy peasy pool opening, a spectacular summer season through to a hassle free pool closing. That's our mission.


New Pool Customers

Please click on your pool type below to see our swimming pool opening packages; customizable to suit your pool and needs. 


Existing Customers

Please call or text when you'd like your pool opened or fill out our contact form and I'll contact you to discuss the details of your summerization. 


 Choosing The Right Long Island Pool Opening Services

So What Should You Look For In A Pool Opening Service:

    Ask questions lots and  lots of questions about the company, their experience, about who is going to do the work, who you will be speaking with for call backs, for follow ups, for scheduling and what exactly you’ll be getting for the price quoted.


    I won’t pretend opening a pool is rocket science. I always say any monkey can remove a cover, attach a diving board and hook up a filter. But if you're paying to have it done hire a professional. Price is probably going to be the major factor in determining who will be opening your pool. I’m always shopping for deals, I always want the best price. But as I get older that saying “you get what you pay for” is true across the board. And yes it’s true about pool opening companies.


    Look for competitive pricing. Be weary of the cheapest. And again you are not shopping for diamonds so steer clear of the the most expensive. I suggest a price range somewhere in the middle that feels right for the services you need.  Again ask specifically what you get for the price you're quoted and if they are vague and start in with high pressure tactics to get you on the schedule move onto to the next one. Lots of companies will low ball you on the phone to get you to schedule and once they’re in your backyard they’ll try to upsell you on everything.

    This business is the perfect example of supply and demand all hinging on the weather and what I mean is as the cold lingers in April pool owners look out into their backyards silently debating is this going to be the week we open the pool. And as soon as the weather turns it’s like an avalanche. And everyone wants it tomorrow. What does that mean if you are not already on the schedule the price just went up. So if you want a good deal schedule your opening before the masses start a calling.


    You want a company that takes care of you. A company that treats you with respect, on the phone, in your backyard, throughout the entire process of your pool service from every employee you encounter. Anything less is unacceptable. You want a company that knows what they're doing and does it well. It’s tempting to save a few bucks hiring the man in the van but its a gamble and more likely than not will wind up costing you more money in the long run.

    Again ask questions and if the person on the other end of the line has an attitude, makes you feel like they are doing you a favor move on to the next one. You’re looking for one great company that puts customers satisfaction as its priority. From the phone calls, to the emails, to the follow ups, to the texts, to the website, to the work itself,  you want to feel confident that the  pool service is going to deliver what they have promised.


    Bottom line your gut tells you you have nothing to worry about. You can rest assured your pool is in capable hands. You want a company that understands your time is valuable. A company that is going to show up when they say they will. A company that keeps you informed every step of the way. No more frustration, no more wondering are they going to show. A pool service company that's going to take care of your pool the way you would if you had the time.

About Me

     My name is Ryan May. I was born in Huntington Hospital and raised in Northport, NY. Graduated Kings Park High School 1990. I've been in and around the swimming pool business since I could walk. My parents could not afford baby sitters so I would go with my dad to the pool store after school and on weekends. An invaluable education. 

    I'm always searching for the right way to live. Searching for the perfect wave. It's one of the reasons I like working in the swimming pool business here on Long Island. It gives me the freedom to surf in the winter. 


    I've decided to specialize in pool openings, pool closings  and small repair service. I've cut down the cost of doing business and try to pass that savings to you. Everyone wins. In addition I pick up the phone, I show up at your door. There's no getting lost in the shuffle. I look forward to opening your swimming pool and helping you kick off another great swimming pool season.

  • F.A.Q.
  • What Time Will You Be Here?
  • Do I Need To Be Home?
  • My Cover Fell In?
  • How Long Will Opening Take?
  • I Think There's A Hole In Liner?
  • When You Guys Vac Do You Use Your Own Equipment?
  • What Chemicals Do You Use?
  • How many gallons is my pool?
frequently asked swimming pool opening questions
What Time Will You Be Here?
Do I Need To Be Home?
My Cover Fell In?
How Long Will Opening Take?
I Think There's A Hole In Liner?
When You Guys Vac Do You Use Your Own Equipment?
What Chemicals Do You Use?
How many gallons is my pool?