By: Patriot Pools | March 23, 2015

Here’s a basic set of Pool Opening Instructions that will help get you started on another fabulous pool season.

  • First remove all the dirt and debris and pump off the water from your pool cover.

  • Remove cover by fan folding it, then rolling it up into it’s cover bag. If you have a safety cover with deck anchors screw them down with the proper sized allen key or use a cordless drill with the chuck set on low. For water bags empty and hang out to dry then roll up. A plastic bin is great for storage.

  • Next remove all the winter plugs from the skimmers, returns and step jets. Raise the water level to at least midpoint of the skimmers. For best results add more water for backwashing over the next few days.

  • For those...

By: Patriot Pools | March 06, 2015

     There are a lot of different ideas, opinion, “facts”, advice, speculation, confirmed data, and propaganda on the subject of pool opening chemicals. Lest not forget our primary mission when it comes to opening a pool: get the water crystal clear. If you can see to the bottom of the deep end when you remove the cover the mission is easy. Super chlorinate the pool, run the filter for 24 hours, backwash and resume your normal routine of pool maintenance. But if by chance it’s not, the task is a little bit more involved but with some perseverance you can have the pool cleared up in as little as forty eight hours.        

    Pool chemicals and pool...

By: Patriot Pools | February 27, 2015

Most Long Islanders opt to open their swimming pools anywhere between April and July. There are a few factors to consider in choosing the best time to open your pool. Pleasure, Budget, Safety And Maintenance.

  • Pleasure : If money’s no object and you can’t bear the thought of another day being reminded of the covered remnants of winter go for it and rip that cover off, start up the filter, hire your pool boy and relish in the fact that the pool is your official starting point of summer.

  • Budget : Ok you're not Bill Gates, you're not The Donald, and you're not even a millionaire. Well that’s alright. You got a pool, you got a heater. And despite the fact the air temperature is a cool 55 degrees you know you can have 25,000 gallons at 80...

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By: Patriot Pools | February 26, 2015

Preparation is the key to success. Your pool company can do everything needed in order to get you open and running. But here are a few things you can do before hand to make sure your pool opening goes smoothly.

  • Super chlorinate the pool once a week once as soon as the weather breaks, basically when it’s safe to turn on the outside hose. How? Peel back the corners of the cover and slowly pour liquid shock into the pool, no more than a gallon per corner. Another way to better distribute the chlorine would be to take a 5 foot 1 ½ pvc pipe and slide it under the cover and use as a funnel to disperse liquid shock throughout your pool. Why should you do this? As the weather warms your pool becomes an incubator. It’s the perfect breeding ground...

By: Patriot Pools | February 01, 2015


Pool Opening Locomotive

    It starts just like a locomotive. The front wheels somersaulting to a back beat until the tons of steel finally sync with inertia... And then there's no slowing down the beginning of the swimming pool season. Get that first hot week of weather and it's "I want it now."     
    Can you do it yourself? Yeah. Can you paint the house yourself, fix the gutters yourself, replace the broken window yourself, change the oil yourself. I mean after your work week don't you need some time for your self.     
    After all these years its down to a simple system. I even have this...